Body Glow                          30min $59 

Unwind with a full body exfoliation in our exclusive hydro-steam capsule, to smooth and hydrate the skin, followed by a replenishing body oil infusion.

Dead Sea Mud Wrap           75min $179

Relax while our natural Dead Sea mineral mud wrap re-mineralizes, detoxifies and slims the body, while easing you muscles and joints. This treatment involves a deep exfoliation to smooth rough skin, infusion of the natural mud wrap in our hydro-steam capsule, Vichy rain shower to invigorate the body and a rich moisturise to soften and hydrate the skin.

Indoceane Spa Ritual         2hrs $249

This ritual takes you on a voyage of discovery to a new kind of relaxation, which re-initialises the body and mind through an indescribable feeling of peace and inner strength.  Starting with the Mediterranean stopover, a delectable full body exfoliation to renew the skin and invigorate the body. Release stress from the key energy centres of the body with an amazing 1hr massage. Finally you arrive at your Chinese stop-over, for beautiful skin and infinite softness, a rich silky body wrap cocoons you while you relax with a scalp massage. Finally you are given a beautiful herbal tea to end your journey.

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